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that year was 1937, which was in the middle of the hitler regime. as the muslims are telling the hitler regime, you are either going to stop allowing jews into palestine. you are either going to give us our own state the way we want it, which is free of jews or we're going to work with the germans and that's exactly what they did. the reason i read that is because i don't want you to think that i've exaggerated some independent guy, some little guy, some marginalisic guy like the -- him.
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he was the supreme counsel and made him in jerusalem. .. that there be two actual dates. that we tried for many years to bring these two peoples to get there. now is time to cut the country in half. they said we will never coexist
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with the jews in palestine. they said it should be run by britain as a colony for a hundred years rather than we live one day with jews as co equals allowing them to pray at the wall. 99% of what you read in this book is quotation in context from the original arabic from the original german to the original english from the original british documentation and and as we try to document carefully the roots of the arab/nazi alliance. the british began to see that their efforts to pushed the jews out of germany was creating a jewish state.
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not just a prison cell or reservation but an actual state. and they thought that is a threat to the third reich because they believe in henry ford's theory. something else occurs. they realized they were edging closer to war in 1938. they were beginning to understand the british they hoped would join them in anglo-saxon conquest of the lower forms of human life. and when war would come it would add one thing. that one thing did not grow in london. that one of thing grew in the middle east. they went to adolf hitler personally and said we will give you oil if you will kill all the
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jews. if you will recognize our state. they didn't mince words. i know and you all know that the nazis like to talk extermination in code. gas chamber translated means special treatment. arab made no such pretense. kill the jews wherever you find them. kill the jew before he kills you. this wasn't whispering. this was on the radio night after night, broadcast internationally. the farhud was in 1941. by this time world war ii was in full swing and at this point the nazis -- to invade russia.
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they couldn't get there without oil. the oil in romania that they used was insufficient. arabs said we will give you the oil of iraq, we will give you the oil of iran. we will give you all the oil we have if you will declare an arab state and hitler said i will declare for an arab state and finish the jews when across the mountains. so it was everything the arabs could do to make that come to pass. the point in time in spring of 1941, the jews of baghdad were on edge. there were many arab nazis. when i say and arab nazi i am not talking about a guy running around with a swastika armband.
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i am talking about it for use in arab lands. i mean 100,000 young jews -- who went to germany and brought the concept that can organize on the german bases and considered themselves action will not cease. the second most popular name for a young child was hitler. today you see some people on the internet whose name is hitler. i will give you an example. a man buys the name of hitler,
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he is just an ordinary civil servant in egypt in charge of the efficiency. his name is hitler. he was not born in austria, his real name was mohammad, he was a little e. egyptian boy who visited all the mosques of egypt and he was the new savior of the arab people. the posters in the marketplace, your master is ala and on earth your master is adolf hitler. in 1981 and june, just before june 1st, they were told to go into their homes, shush their
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homes. kissel stay off the phone and turn off the radio and pack their bags for three days. you know the scenario. due to a last-minute -- i will use the word rescue by one of the arab leaders who is in good relation with the jewish people, he excelled, cheap arab nazi who was doing this and at one point because the extermination affect had failed, once iraqi military men, with arab nazis running all over the streets in june of 1941 killing hundreds of iraqi jews. what am i talking about? women being raped in front of their parents, parents being
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murdered in front of their kids, babies being sliced in half and thrown into the river, home is being invaded and people running to the rooftops and jumping from rooftop to rooftop for escape. this was done with the full knowledge of the nazi government. they had given money to send aircraft in to support and operation a few days before and the chief arab agitator from the berlin government had his office and working with jerusalem and they were making this in order to kill all the jews of baghdad. it didn't work and because it didn't work it was labeled
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farhud, violent dispossession in arabic and that is a word we barely have in english and so they use one word. there is not a jew in the united states or the world listening to me who does not know what farhud is. many here know what this is. it was suppressed because the war against the jews had a bright line a little bit north of the middle east. that is not the case. the war against the jews was not just a war against my parents and your neighbors but all jews. the british did not intervene in this monstrous massacre. where were the british? just outside of town, outside
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baghdad. why were there and there? to secure the oil. they did secure the oil from british petroleum and they said if we don't secure that oil, if the nazis get that oil they will be unstoppable. the nazis did not get their oil. eventually it was stopped because someone had the courage in the iraqi government which was changing form from minute to minute to call about guards. thereafter, changed their tactics and we will no longer work with just urban riots and mass mayhem in this city, will help hitler do what he wants to do. to come around and exterminate the jews of palestine.
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how? first of all, with the iranians. what does the word iran mean? it means are in. the name was changed from persia in 1935 to invoke the well entrenched name of iran as a salute to a massive nazi dominated iranian infrastructure. the british took over the oil wells, secured them as they had for decades in iraq, years, not decade, move into iran, expelled the shock and brought in the man you know as the shah of iran and kicked out 2,000 nazi agitators'
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and advanced units creating railroad systems, trains and infrastructure, ran off from the west and to give exclusively to nazi germany. after that the arabs said ok, we will switch and they recruited not one muslim fighter, not 100 but tens of thousands. the first was on sharp, the second was standback, they worked mainly in yugoslavia. anyone here from yugoslavia?
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>> they won't -- >> let me tell you about yugoslavia. take my apology in advance. what happened in yugoslavia was a man of fold greater genocide than what happened in auschwitz. the muslims formed with the catholic church a buyer national groups, genocidal group, you don't hear about this. but they were the single deadliest, most bloodthirsty killers in the entire world war ii era. what am i talking about? i am talking about a prison camp
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where there were there contest between the guards, how many throats they sleep in one night. 1350 throats and the won. the next guy came in second. he came in third. we have all this stuff. who organized this? jerusalem. and the nazis. i am talking trench warfare. i spoke to a man, they fought against the partisans in yugoslavia. thousands of them. artillery brigades. paratroopers. inventory. this is not just people rabble rousing in the streets. not just a bunch of people on the radio. this was a group helping hitler
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wages war against humanity. it is difficult when you talk about yugoslavia because you have serbs, catholics, you have muslims, and the alliance is changing by the minute, by the hour, a murderous mix in we have seen it today in the same part of the world. the truth is the worst crimes of the holocaust were committed by this muslim catholic alliance, clients of the nazis in yugoslavia. eventually, hitler lost the war. the holocaust stopped in may of
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1945 but continues in the middle east. all of the infrastructure put into place by the arabs to destroy the jews, came into middle east countries, the -- they invaded israel and voted not to restore palestinian rights or their lands but to exterminate the jews. they had a phrase, this was invented in the 1920s. palestine is our land. they would run up and down the streets and scream that. palestine is our land. here is the second half.
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palestine is our land, the jew is our god. this is not 1945. this is the 1920s. this wasn't one. this was a regular chance. i am trying to give you the mind set, the roots of the arab/not the alliance in the holocaust. to all these guys whose names were hitler and his names were adolf, common cause after world war ii, some 2,000 nazi prison guards migrated into the middle east, into egypt. the sole purpose of waging war
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with propaganda. the investments in sanctioned with military maneuvers, wars, the war of independence in 1948 and 0 the others that came to pass. german masterminds were working behind the scenes and in the front on their arab names. breaking this to reality. what does this mean for us today? we have to look today, we see a guy called mohammad of boss who says the will of recognize israel as a jewish state. they can call themselves anything they want. this harkens back to the concept that we will never allow ourselves to coexist with jews in palestine. you may say why didn't you mention this or that.
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i didn't mention 99% of everything in the book. the book didn't mention 99% of everything because every chapter in the book could have been -- a small book shelf of books. but i did endeavour to give clarity to how it is from their perspective the arabs were able to form an alliance during the holocaust with the nazis. how it nurtured itself over 14 years and played out during the war. and how it continued after the war in the 20th-century and as you note 20 first century -- why did it happen? no oil, no iraq, no british
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petroleum, no need for middle east wars. no one ever went to mesopotamia to iraq because they enjoy the sand. only what was underneath the sand that brought them. that is what brought the arabs and muslims -- refiled and not just -- palestine, not just in iraq and iran but also yugoslavia, india, what is the message here? the message is that we want to use this information has a truth in reconciliations so we can understand how we got here. do not misuse my information to recreate a new legacy of hate
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and but use it, to move forward with all people in the middle east, a future of peace. the germans and the jews have reconciled. never forget their coexisting as allies. that began in june of 1945 if not before. it is possible. it is difficult. is difficult when it is not 13 years but 1400 years. with this information i hope to arm you with what you need to understand our presence and our past. thank you. and now i will take questions but first i will take remote questions which will be given to us in advance by various people around the country and overseas.
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the first question and i will take questions from the audience, how much time do we have? okay. here's a question from a guy from the university of miami who studies middle east history. he talks about the fact that the book documents which i did not mention that the jews were expelled from arab land the. a million jews after world war ii were expo from arab lands into israel. all the money was taken. they emulated the program and it says do i support current efforts of the foreign ministry to include in future peace talks when addressing the issue, case
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of 900,000 jews on arab lands. stay in contemporary affairs, as this does occur this century ago, israeli foreign ministry said we will have to keep the disposition of the jews from iraq to libya, in countries in our balancing of peace, justice, and 3 enfranchisement in the middle east in israel. no question there are people today who work every day to the return -- many others looking for the return of their property in czechoslovakia's, in germany, in parts of russia. there are many jews in the arab
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world who were left penniless, they took the now and pull their rings out of there ears. they took the bracelets from their arms and did everything possible, we don't have the manpower to kill the jews and don't wish to now although they did have concentration camps in north africa. they don't have the manpower to do that but created demographic bomb. they will know what to do -- they will be on the beach and israel will collapse. that did not occur. arabs were kept in refugee camps for decades. the jews were absorbed into israeli society and as you know, who is running the israeli government today?
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in many instancess, jews who came from arab countries. they were not marginalized or left on the sands. this is a historic truth. you must acknowledge what happened to a million jews who were in the middle class or upper class or established mercantile class. a second question here from miami was submitted by e-mail. it talks about it light of what you discovered, the muslim catholic alliance that murdered tens of jews and serbians and many muslims that their hands, how does this relate to the
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understanding of recent international events in kosovo? i can't tell you how complicated yugoslavia is or how many partial countries, contemporary countries, territories, kosovo, bosnia, albanian. they all came and went in different alliances to kill each other. the muslims were going to be honorary catholics or honorary croatians. we should always understand, always understand whatever we have today did not appear suddenly. it is a legacy. here is a question from western
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friend from los angeles. how does any of this relates to the so-called broadcast investment sanction movement against israel? we hear about this or time. weather roots of this movement? when did this start? this started in january of 19 -- april of 1933 when the mafia of jerusalem went to the arab consulate, we are ready to join the nazi boycott against the jews and from that it percolated as a continuous effort to deny identification to, legitimacy to and commerce with the jews in palestine. it got so bad that in the 30s, took a jew across town. that arab taxi driver could be killed. so the movement is -- the one we
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see today is as much a legacy of the arab nazi alliance of 8 as anything else i have discussed. do you have one? here's a question from london, my question is was it premeditated or spontaneous? was it premeditated? the answer is yes. it was absolutely premeditated. it didn't work out the way they wanted it to. they killed every jews they could get their hands on and kill them as viciously as cumin lee possible. now i will take questions. let's go with this woman first. can everybody hear me ok?
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>> an extraordinary panorama of the arab muslim nazi alliance and for the continuity of this issue -- my question is very simple. i have always heard that it was instrumental in the events and i would love it if you could give a few more details about the persona of this man. >> was made mostly by the british and to make -- he was put into power for the sole purpose of keeping the arabs of palestine in some kind of tranquility and the reason for that was they were trying to build at that time and did build a pipeline to bring the british
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petroleum oil to the allies in the western world. it was not called british petroleum but anglo person and many other names. so there was a shadow government. virtual autonomy, on the british payroll. his own infrastructure. and control over the western world. he was a huge agitator. it was typical for him to speak in front of a microphone and say i want everybody not to engage in any kind of violence and kill the jews, killed them where they are. two voice is, one for the western world and one for the
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arab world. this is a transition, we give this information in the diplomatic cables and arabic cables. we tried our hardest to quote the arabic communication at this time. he was devious, part and parcel at the highest level with the hitler regime. he met with hitler in his office. he was on the hitler payroll. he was elevated by hitler. when i say he was with hitler i don't mean he was meeting in a dark shadow. he went to concentration camp, he went to the place where all the concentration camps were organized. we went to a subset of auschwitz
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and whenever they tried to rescue him the -- irrepressible letters to the hungarian official floor polish officials -- to the bulgarian saying don't send the jews to palestine. send them to poland. if you think no one knew what auschwitz was in 1941 to be delayed to 1942 or 1943 let me correct you. a little girl in holland confirmed in her diary the jews are being gassed in poland. the bbc was broadcasting this and i had reproduce the exact language of a book published by the afl-cio in numerous languages including the united states explain that auschwitz is
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a death camp where they put gas in the cellar. this was well-known. he knew what he was doing. i hope i have answered your question. the second question is from here. >> the question is what now? you hinted, who do we turn to? in europe when we saw the mustachees coming to bosnian muslims coming with rare -- i saw them personally in warsaw, there was a whole regiment, moving forward. the american government send bombs into serbia -- >> let me try to answer the
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question. as i have explained, the muslim forces of the third reich who were not just independent militias, were dispatched all over europe, centralized and trained in france. you saw that. what do we do now? that question will not be answered by me. that question will be answered by everyone who hears you. i have given you the history of how we got to this. i will not talk about 20 first century policy but any policy
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attempting -- the true facts of history. there were many -- there was enough bloodletting in yugoslavia to write volumes and volumes and unfortunately what our government does now in the middle east, in yugoslavia is up to a sense of justice in history and you will be side what that is and not me. you set for lack of knowledge. i hope i'll address that in this book and in this conversation. i am going to take one question from this side. >> you say a that was on the british payroll. >> getting something like 60,000 pounds a year on the british payroll. then it went to the nazi
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payroll. prior to world war ii. i will take a question from this gentleman. justice for jews from arab countries. what is the question? >> up personal question. the public museum as we both know was not very keen to discuss this topic five years ago. can you tell me if in the last few years they are still not talking about this topic or have they addressed it? >> the question is when the holocaust museum has consciously obstructed information the answer is yes and many people in this organization of survivors know how difficult it has been to get to the museum to be truthful and cooperative on many
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issues. i believe five years ago there was an attempt to get recognition and many other scholars involved in the holocaust museum by sending out e-mails to all the other holocaust museums because their narrative was that the holocaust experience, hitler's war against the jews was a european experience. that did not mean that the jews were not to -- jewish free city. that horrible concentration camp the north of africa. many jews survived the holocaust in north africa because carom
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muslims in north africa helped them. and saved them. that does not mean there were not multitude's, multitudes of arabs, that move by the jews in the last several years, they have reformed and made progress, a page on their web site, putting information, with your involvement in pressuring the museum to come clean? >> at the time i was executive director of the leadership council and asked peter black, the chief historian of the holocaust museum -- >> no relation. >> the nazis in north africa --
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>> what happened after the protest movement? >> we set the press release, calling for his firing, refused to speak with us about the topic and basically related -- the holocaust museum's mission statement is about europe. they don't mention anything about it in north africa. >> does everyone take up your cause? >> elliott angle came to the national synagogue and basically said on stage, it worked to cut funding for the holocaust museum unless they spoke about this topic. >> the holocaust museum has made strides. just so you understand, all my research at the holocaust museum was blocked.
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i was denied the right to the only institution in the world to speak to the experts, yugoslavian experts. i am said about it. refused the people in this room, survivors in this room the right to their own records. we go has been fighting this cause. once again hope we can move forward progressively with the holocaust museum to broaden their point of view and allow -- stop their confrontation with survivors, give them their records and open up their files and their experts to anyone, not just me but anyone who wishs to speak to an expert because it is a complicated file. i will take questions.
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>> another question. [talking over each other] >> germany today has such an unbelievable problem with arabs. >> that is not something i am going to address. it does not have a place in this conversation. i am only talking about the holocaust era. a question from you. [inaudible] >> history. history. 20th century only. >> when you referred to the nazi machinery that is still operating after the disintegration of the holocaust to further the arab movement against the jews are you referencing that they were the werewolf's? >> you can call them the werewolves or the secret foxes,
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whatever you want. they were in official positions, official positions. they were running the propaganda movement and military coordination. their first names were hitler or adolf or things of that nature. this generation of nazis transferred into the arab world to create the middle east that we know today. that is in the book. >> you draw a clear historical line between the jews hatred in the middle eastern world but you also lose some positive behavior of protection of jews. i wonder if you can elaborate on that so we can use this as of foundation for future health. >> i am happy to. anyone who wants to say it is all arabs or all muslim is totally wrong. they are misinterpreting what i
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am saying. no one has hesitated to document what the germans did in world war ii. weather every german? no. was in every poll? know. was it every -- let me tell you something. most french jews are alive because a frenchman in france -- that is true. what do we use today? people say is there no hope? how do defeat 1400 years of hatred? there is a peace treaty with jordan. there is a peace treaty with egypt. this is called coexistence. coexistence -- when you come out of here, a reason to amplify what happened in the 20century and reasons to move forward in
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brotherhood with arabs and muslims, who look back on history in south africa for rwanda and move forward and say what can we do looking at our honest history? >> you also alluded to arabs who protected -- [talking over each other] >> depending on the decade and a century and territory, have alternately massacred the jews or elevated them to eat nobility. i tried to give the nuances of that in the book. there is a huge legacy of neighborliness between jews and arabs but also had to get the context. black people in this country
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rose, became great sports stars and jazz guys, but within the context of the civil-rights movement, within the context of being suppressed and subjected to the cool jim-crow laws and things of that nature. blacks earned plenty of money but had to fight three times as hard to get there. there were good relations, i am happy to emphasize the good relations. even in the far -- the book makes this clear many times a jewish family was saved by an arab. the reason the extermination did not go through is thousands of arabs in mesopotamia murdered
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hundreds of jews but there were a few arabs who saved it from being total extermination. they must be recognized and not marginalized. how much time do i have? >> i wanted to know if you are invited to speak on this issue on university campuses? >> the answer is -- >> columbia? ny you? >> the answer is i do about 300 events the year and i am doing many events on this topic at universities. i have a web site called edwin i am not hiding from anyone. you can go to my bookstore in 2011. i have 15 events in south florida. five or ten events in san francisco bay in january and february.
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i speak as often as possible but i have to tell you something. there are many people who don't want this. not all -- some people in the jewish community itself to not want this message discussed. my challenge is to bring this history out without politics, and to use it as a basis for facts and moving forward in brotherhood with our neighbors. that is the way to fractionalized this. >> i came to some conclusions on my own. a lot of what went on in the 20th centuries since israel was formed, negotiations for peace and problems the jews have around the world, people say i am not anti-jewish, i am
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anti-israel. your book clearly outlined that the nazis who claimed were anti-semitic or anti-jewish because they changed that tone in an end. they wanted to get rid of the jews. what do you say to people could differentiate between israel -- anti-israel or anti-jewish. when you look at the research you have done it becomes only about one thing in my opinion. >> you are correct. when you were in the research effort, you were there minute to minute for many months as we struggle to document this as fairly as we could from all sides and careful not to leave anything out. the answer is it is anti-jewish. the jews are in their homeland.
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vocabulary is anti zionist. but decades before there was a state of israel in 1948. in 1921 decades before that there was still singing. palestine is our land. this does not involve a sudden appearance of a reactive -- i saw a guy on the john stewart show in charge of a boycott against israel. he said jews and arabs always live in peace in palestine. not a day, not an hour. if anyone finds one. if anyone finds a day let me know. because the jews and arabs live in peace in palestine, either before 1898 -- or they were refiled after 89 g-8 for the
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zionist cause. the ideas that jews could not sit down at the wall was kept alive, elevated and became a cause for the whole muslim world where years and years and even today, even today there are efforts to denied the jews the right to claim the wailing wall as their religious place based on the information i have given you. time for one more question from this woman here. we are going from left to right. okay. >> is number emphasized enough that the arabs didn't discover the oil. they didn't discover the oil. they were searching for water. >> who discovered the oil. i have written many books on oil and have another book coming out
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next month called british petroleum and the red line agreement, oil is older than civilization. the first will was being used by cavemen in south africa 60,000 years ago. there was oil in the 1800s in the middle east, the exploration -- the industrial oil, which you know about. this was discovered by the british. the first one in iraq, we have pictures in my next book, banging on baghdad in which i explained the history of that. weather or not the arabs discovered the oil will lead reinforces their view that their land was given to someone else to bring a non islamic presence
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into their country and this is only intensified. the 0 original jihad against the west was born in 1920. that is in the book too. it was a reaction to jews in palestine and oil in iraq. i will take one more question. we are waiting for the mike. don't add a statement. just had a question please. >> you have said before -- haj amin al-husseini had an office near hitler in berlin. they made him a general, about to make him a general. they couldn't make him a general because -- the problem was solved. he was a turk. therefore was possible to -- >> what is your question?
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>> making a statement. >> fine. do we have time for one more question? give us a question. 20century please. >> you mentioned -- >> what is your name. >> andrew. you mentioned how iran was changed from persia to iran and had roots to the nazi party and trying to appeal -- how many people in iran or worldwide acknowledge the roots of this name change and what other factors contributed to that? >> the name iran, when i first brought this out some years ago, i was subjected to a massive intimidation campaign which was nothing. i stood up to ibm so i can stand up to everybody.
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the name iran is an ancient name that goes back thousands of years. and the swastika is actually an iranian or persians symbol. it is backwards but it came down -- in the nineteenth century, there was -- at want to make it clear, in the book we indicates the roots of the swastika but you see it in ancient pottery of the iranians. around the nineteenth century there was a mixup of the word and the scandinavian this thought that they were the actual ariane's. this fake aryan race called to
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exist which was medicalized by the rockefeller foundation and the carnegie institution and henry ford into the concept of eugenics. i wrote a book called war against the weakened. does the world recognizes this? no. derecognize it? yes. another question? yes, ma'am? >> do you remember what was the name of the person in croatia famous for having in his office a basket of human eyes? >> the woman said do i remember the name of the guy in croatia who had a basket of eyeballs in his office? that is referred to on pages 327 to 335. i don't want to take the time to
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read it but we have his name to be used by shea film archives. he showed them off. 40 pounds of oddballs. and now i am out of time. i will take one more question. does anybody have another question? >> you said the predominant name was adolf and hitler. what happened to those names? did they disappear? >> what happened to the arabs and muslims who decided to name their kids adolf? most of them thought that this was not the best name to have in a postwar period and they dressed up those names. anyone can change their name like that. most of the did but some of them
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didn't. the one that didn't you can find decades later. i will read to you if i have a moment a very unfortunate letter. this is an imaginary letter written to adolf hitler after reed died. in this letter, it says as follows. it says deer adolf hitler, i wish that you had triumphed. i wish that you had triumphed. you are the greatest thing that ever happened and one day you will come back and i wish the arab world would have a hitler too. that was written to any egyptian newspaper and the man who wrote that letter was anwar sadat. i have pictures of him coming to jerusalem at this time covered
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with swastikas. thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. thank you. >> edwin black is the author of several books including ibm and the holocaust and internal combustion:how corporations and governments addicted the world to oil and derail the alternative is. to find out more visit his website, edwin >> visit to watch any of the programs you see here on line. type the author or book title in the search bar on the upper left side of the page and click search. you can share anything you see on by clicking share on the upper left side of the page and selecting the format. booktv streams live on-line for 48 hours every weekend with top nonfiction books and authors.


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